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configure data retention
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Metrics & Logs uses disk space based on the number of entities and the configured retention. You need to keep in mind, that we automatically inflate the time series data base based on all possible metrics that can be received by an entity over the configured retention.

That means that storing data over 30 days instead of 7 days automatically consumes disk space from day 1.

If you want to change the data retention, you can use our web administration interface.

Some important tips:

  • Data retention should always be a multiple of the retention before, so 20sec:2h, 60sec:6h, 4min:24h aso.
  • Never use 20sec:2h, 30sec:6h, 50sec:25h!
  • Data retention should never be duplicated: like 20sec:2h, 20sec:6h, 20sec:24h
  • Data retention should never be lower than the retention before: 20sec:4h, 6min:8h, 2min:24h

The following video shows the use of our data retention section to customize the data granularity and duration. Please keep in mind that high granularity (i. e. 20 seconds over 7 day, 1minute over 2 years) require disk space and can slow down dashboard performance on slower storage.

Despite the fact, that all retention can be changed, we provide a default setting out-of-the box. Please contact if you have questions about retention settings.


Data Type Data Interval Duration
VMware Configuration 10 minutes 1 day
VMware Configuration 90 minutes 7 days
VMware Configuration 180 minutes 45 days
VMware Performance 20 seconds 2 hours
VMware Performance 2 minutes 8 hours
VMware Performance 4 minutes 12 hours
VMware Performance 12 minutes 24 hours
VMware Performance 24 minutes 2 days
VMware Performance 96 minutes 7 days
VMware Performance 192 minutes 45 days


Data Type Data Interval Duration
NetApp Capacity 15 minutes 100 days
NetApp Capacity 1 day 5 year
NetApp Performance 30 seconds 35 days
NetApp Performance 5 minutes 100 days
NetApp Performance 15 minutes 395 days
NetApp Performance 1 hours 5 years


Data Type Data Interval Duration
DataCore 60 seconds 35 days
DataCore 5 minutes 100 days
DataCore 15 minutes 395 days
DataCore 5 minutes 100 days
DataCore 15 minutes 395 days
DataCore 1 hours 5 years

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