Navigating Metrics & Logs

How to use the dashboards
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Metrics & Logs uses a similar global and local navigation layout to the Grafana open source project.

Item Name Description
1 Additional Navigation

Additional Navigation for key functions:

  • Admin
  • Dashboards
  • Alerting
  • Data Sources
  • Plugins
  • Admin
  • Pin

2 Current Local Navigation

The current left navigation item selected from the Additional Navigation button.

3 Add Panel Add a new panel to the current dashboard
4 Favorites (Star) Adds the current screen to your Favorites list.
5 Share Dashboard

Shares the dashboard using a:

  • Link
  • Snapshot
  • Export
6 Save Dashboard Saves the dashboard settings (also CTRL + 5)
7 Manage Dashboard

Allows you to manage a dashboard:

  • Settings
  • Annotations
  • Templates
  • View JSON
  • Save as...
  • Shortcuts
  • Delete Dashboard
8 Cycle View Switch between different view options, including kiosk mode
9 Zoom out

Allows you to adjust the time range and settings.You can also use CTRL + Z.

10 Refresh data Refreshes the data with current values.

The left or local navigation is organized this way.

Item Name Description
1 Home

Takes you to the home dashboard

2 Add Add new dashboards, Folder or import dashboards
3 Dashboards

Takes you to an area to find your current dashboards as well as setting up new ones:

  • Home
  • Playlists
  • Snapshots
  • Manage
4 Explore Use the explore feature to troubleshoot performance
5 Alerts

Allows you to set alerts:

  • Alert Rules
  • Notification Channels
6 Configuration

The main configuration menu

  • Datasources
  • Users
  • Teams
  • Plugins
  • Preferences
  • API keys

7 Server Admin


  • Users
  • Orgs
  • Settings
  • Stats
8 Appliance Settings

The Metrics & Logs admin page

  • SMTP server
  • License
  • Infrastructure components
  • Reports
  • SSL
  • AD Auth
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