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Monitor Oracle databases
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Please contact to receive information about the Metrics & Logs Oracle Feature Pack. You will receive a feature patch that needs to be applied.

Add your Oracle Databases

  • The SID is used to connect to the database server. It is commonly of the format hostname/servicename, using the hostname where the database is running, and the service name of the Oracle Database instance. The dsn (data source name) is the TNS entry (from the Oracle names server or tnsnames.ora file). So Performance Analyzer connects to the host with the name (or ip) hostname, this host serves the database with the name servicename.

  • You can specify a custom TCP port for the connection with the syntax hostname:port/servicename

  • The User needs Select-Privileges for the following dynamic Views: 

    gv$instance , gv$containers, gv$database , gv$sysstat , gv$con_sysstat , gv$waitclassmetric , gv$system_wait_class , gv$sysmetric , gv$parameter , gv$con_sysmetric , gv$eventmetric , gv$event_name, gv$sql 

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