Using the dashboards

How to use the existing dashboards
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Using Dashboards

  1. Click [home] on the top of the right side to open the dashboard menu and select one of the other dashboards: 

    More dashboards (supplied separately) can be loaded with the [Import] button at the bottom of the list. 
  2. If you want to change the time range in the dashboard, click on the Clock symbol in the top-right corner: 
    You can select a “Quick range”, or you can set an individual time period selecting a “Time range”. Have fun trying out the dashboard! 

Changing the Default Dashboard

The default dashboard is the Metrics & Logs First Steps.

If you want to change the default dashboard:

  1. Click the User icon > Preferences.

    The Profile Dialog appears.
  2. Under Preferences > Home Dashboard, toggle to the desired dashboard. Tip: You can only selected starred dashboards here.
  3. Click the green Update button.
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